Saturday, September 5, 2009

JFK Assassination

I was watching a show called Conspiracy Files on ID (investagation discovery channel), and it was all about the JFK Assassination. It was talking about the possible involvement of the CIA or FBI or the KGB dealing with the assassination of Kennedy. The show goes into saying why Lee Harvey Oswald might not have killed Kennedy. It gave good arguments of why Oswald couldn't have shot the President in the head without being closer to him. They say some believed there as someone shooting in-font of the President. Researchers stated that the people in the car with Kennedy said they heard firing coming from the front of the car. It was very interesting, and it made me research more findings and evidence.

Alyssa Neglia

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  1. i saw that on ID too! it was really awesome. I also saw the one where they reenact the events of that day and showed the actual footage that people took on that day...I could'nt believe how good the camera's were back then too!