Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spanish American War Poetry Resources

Several Spanish American War poetry compilations are available on Google Books.  They are searchable:

 War-time echoes; patriotic poems, heroic and pathetic, humorous and dialectic, of the Spanish-American war.  [Brownlee, James Henry, comp., Akron, O., New York: Werner, 1898.]

 War poems, 1898;  [comp. by the California club, with illustrations by W. H. Bull and Gordon Ross. San Francisco: The Murdock press, 1898.]

Spanish-American war songs. A complete collection of newspaper verse during the recent war with Spain.  [Witherbee, Sidney A., comp. and ed, Detroit: Sidney A. Witherbee, 1898.]

Reminiscences and thrilling stories of the war by returned heroes : containing vivid accounts of personal experiences by officers and men  [Young, James Rankin, and J. Hampton Moore. Philadelphia: Shepp, 1899.

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