Sunday, October 30, 2011

                      From Light to Heavy duty

The inexorable progress from light to heavy duty can be read in the history of the posters issued on behalf of the American war effort. One poster of 1942 depicts Joe Louis charging with a slim, long bayonet ( soon to be replaced by the less graceful but more effective short and stocky version) attached to a long, slender Springfield rifle. The caption reads 'were going to do our part.. and we will win because were on Gods side' BUT a year later who is on God's side seems no longer to matter much, for now open depictions of corpses begin to displace considerations of moral right"

The reason why this poster is so significant because posters like this played a huge part in this war, at the beginning of the war you saw these positive, clean cut posters and as the war starts to get dirty and people start to see how horrible it is and how many people are dieing from posters and other sources of media it gets to be prevalent that this war needed to end. With future posters had an ugly cadaver of a tank crewman sprawled amidst realistically messy battle detritus- discouraged web equipment, unused clips of rifle ammunition, His helmet is violently tipped forward, vealing the vulnerable back of his head.


                                                                                 AND THE POINT OF THIS
                                                     this happens every three minutes.

"The total wars of modern history give the decision to the side with the biggest factories"
For every shell Krupp fired- General motors sent back four

"Dead bodies everywhere, some mangled or torn apart, The American and German equally awful. some mangled and torn apart, The American and German equally awful."

"The people had not thought of war in terms of men being killed....
 There is no easy way to win a war, there is no panacea which will prevent men from being killed"

World war II, had a massive increase in war supplies, not only in how much was being produced, but what was being produced. At the beginning of the war no one knew how violent and dirty it would get until thousands of lives started to be lost.

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