Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Journey into complete horror

Louis Fedinand' story Journey To The End Of The Night, is a French soldiers experience in the trench's of WWI. Ferdinand paints the picture for the reader by describing the worst horrors anyone could imagine. The young French man in this story, is thinking to himself "why am I here" and other thoughts about the war. At one point the man actually wishes he was in prison than in the war, his logic for this was, a man can walk away from prison with his life, but he cannot walk away from war with his life.

While reading this you really get a feel for the atmosphere of this war, from the horrors of combat all the way to the poor quality of food given to the soldiers. The Germans firing rounds upon rounds, the men's bones are shaking from the machine guns. The stench of sulfur, the smoke burning soldiers eyes for days, and the sheer terror that was felt by these brave young men. The Colonel barking orders at the men, while experiencing heavy fire, swearing at his men calling them "jerks" or "lugs". Also, you sense the total disregard for the fallen, when men died even high ranking officers were killed, it wasn't thought twice about, there was no room for sentiment. This story paints a very vivid picture of the horrors of war.

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