Sunday, September 27, 2009

Conscience and Compulsion

In this essay written by Dewey he discusses the morlaity issues that faces Americans. The morality issue is not just the entering of World War I, but also how we discuss and treat our soldiers going off to fight in Europe. Dewey complements the way President Wilson led the nation into battle by creating an idea that the nation is just in doing so, and that that if we do not fight and defeat Germany, they will take over the globe. Dewey also writes that America should have as much as support as their our men going off to fight in battle. He wants all print media to stop questiong the idea of going off to battle but rather support the effort at home.
Dewey also adresses the issue of American pacificism. He tells that America not joining the war effort at seas was not an act of fear or cowardice, but one of rational and proper thinking. To not enter the war was good for American business, followed Christian beliefs, and was morally correct. But under Wilson's leadership fighting the war effort was not only just, but for the right reasons.

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