Monday, October 26, 2009

 The Good War-Rosemary Hanley 

The war was depicted by Terkel as good, the bad, and ugly memories of it. His book is based on the many interviews from soldiers that have gone to the war. Their stories had made a positive and negative impact on Americans because it opened many opportunities that they never had in life. For example, women were beneficial of this situation, it launched them to have the opportunity to depend on their salaries when they were allowed to work in factories making munition for the war. 

The negative impacts were that many families lost their sons, and many women lost their husbands to go war. For example, Rosemary Hanley a woman from Chicago lost her husband, Kevin, who was fighting overseas. 

In the wartime, there were other ethnic groups besides from the white working-class, Hispanic, and African American fought to defend America. To live in a safer environment is very valuable, since the attack of Pear Harbor America did not want to be attacked that way in which many people lost their lives. For many citizens, World War II was not a celebration, it is tragic history that will always be remembered. Like in the case, of Hanley who suffer all her life for the lost of her husband. Even though she got married with John Hanley. Kevin's best friend. Kevin's memories were always with her and in the mind of John who always had bad memories of how he perished in the war.

Many soldier suffered psychological problems due to the physically and mental memories experienced  during the wartime.  The war was won, the facism was defeated, but the majority of the soldiers never forgot what they went through. As Hanley depicted there were many nostalgic memories and scary times in which a person did not care about their life anymore, because in one minute or two one could lose his or her life. 

The war gave many soldiers a lot courage to continue to receive orders when in battle. The  soldiers only wanted to win the war and come home with their families and live a regular life without obstacles. Instead they were always disturbed by the tragic incidents that will always come back and interfere with their thoughts.              

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