Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Race, Language, and War in Two Cultures by: John Dower

This piece written by John Dower looks at how the two cultures of the Americans and Japanese saw and depicted each other during ww2. What I got from it is that though both sides were very racist towards one another it seemed to me that the Americans were a more cruel in how they described and pictured the Japanese. Americans took to dehumanizing the Japanese, making them look like small ape like or monkey like creatures, were the Japnese made the Americans look more like evil gods. The U.S.'s drawnigs or artwork made the Japanese look more cartoonish, while Japanese artwork was stylish and made the Allies look like demonic gods. No matter what this was all to make sure that when each side fought there was no way a soldier would have any feelings of remorse when killing the enemy. The propaganda of all these posters no matter what side was to ensure the soldiers fought to the end and did there job. Here on this post I found some Japnese poster and you can see that unlike the American ones, the Japanese posters seem a little more artistic in some ways. Look at the one of the samuri it's very darmatic. Also there are some German and Italian posters, hope you all enjoy what I found.

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