Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unknown Soldier

Through his writing titled The Body of an American, John Dos Passos attempts to give an identity to the American unknown soldier, known as “John Doe” and restore his lost humanity. Dos Passos used descriptive and insightful language to establish the fact that John Doe is every American, no matter the social class, region of origin, or ethnic background. He depicts the life of John Doe as the life of every possible man in America; from birth, through childhood and into adulthood as he becomes a soldier who gives his life for his country.
In addition to pointing out the humanity of these men, Dos Passos depicts the horror and fear of death which the soldiers at war experience; and in a very detailed way he shows us the painful process of recovery and returning of the bodies of these unknown soldiers to their home land.
Although he shows us a very crude and sad reality, Dos Passos’ main goal is to make an effort to honor and give tribute to the lives of those men who died, unrecognized and forgotten; and to make a point to indicate that every John Doe must be honored even by the highest regarded citizens, including the president.

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