Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Annexation of Santo Domingo

Ulysses S. Grant proposed a treaty to the US Senate in 1870, hoping to annex Santo Domingo. In the treaty Grant went on to explain why we should not only add the Dominican Republic as a territory, but why we should do so rather quickly.

As I was reading the treaty, it was clear to me that there were two reasons in particular that made Grant so favorable to adding the country. One was the country's location in the Carribean. The other was the economic value that Santo Domingo was worth. In the treaty Grant says "less than 120,000 souls, yet possessing one of the richest territories under the sun". Santo Domingo is one of the islands possessing the richest of soils, perfect for harvesting several crops.

In conclusion I think we all the know the results of this proposal as Santo Domingo is not a territory of the US like its neighboring island Puerto Rico, but it leaves us wondering what could have been?

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