Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yellow = Propaganda!!

Beware of what you read! If you were reading newspapers during 1883-1904, expect to have your opinions swayed by the editors and owners of these newspapers.

Above you see two, of many headlines, that the New York World published pre-, during, and post- the Spanish American War. Joseph Pulitzer, the same guy that the Pulitzer Prize is named after, owned the New York World during this time. To make this newspaper successful, he invested his time in fabricating and twisting facts to sell, sell, sell!

In "Blood, blood, blood!" and "I saw what was left," the graphic description that is portrayed, makes one think twice, today. Back in 1896, Society had been led to believe that what was printed, was truth, without questioning. Luckily, we are very fortunate to have many fact checkers in publishing world. The practices of Pulitzer and his rival, Hearst (pictured below,) would have whistle blowers going crazy.

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